All-Natural, Chemical-Free Rust Removal for Kitchen Knives

All-Natural, Chemical-Free Rust Removal for Kitchen Knives 6 Rating(s)

All natural non-toxic rust remover, kitchen knives, lemon, baking sodaLooking for a non-toxic, chemical-free natural way to remove rust from those kitchen knives?

Sure, we know that it is better to wash those knives by hand (keeping the stainless steel in ship-shape condition).

But the dishwasher is calling — and it seems like too much time and work to wash those things by hand (it probably won’t really matter, right?)!

And then it happens – the first couple of rust spots appear, and we think, “Huh-oh!” …. but it’s still too much trouble to hand-wash those knives, and so the cycle continues.

After a while, we realize the knives are being taken over by rust spots (as you can see on these two knives from our kitchen) and something needs to be done.

kitchen knives, rust spots, natural rust remover

If you are concerned with keeping your family healthy and your kitchen chemical-free (as much as possible), then you might be avoiding the “rust remover” products sold in most stores, including Bar Keepers Friend (which actually works very effectively and quickly in removing rust spots — as long as you don’t mind the chemicals).

So, we decided to try the natural rust removal solutions of lemon juice or baking powder and see if they would actually work on our knives in our kitchen.

In order to avoid wasting a large volume of lemon juice, we simply spooned a small amount of lemon juice directly onto the side of the knife laid out on a kitchen towel. The lemon juice was thick enough to “sit” on the side of the knife without running off. We left it sitting for 30 minutes (to make sure it had plenty of time to work, especially given the number of rust spots that needed to be removed).

kitchen knives with rust, lemon juice, natural rust removal

It did take 4 or 5 minutes of scrubbing with a scouring pad in order to completely remove the rust spots, but it was effective and the knife was now shiny clean.  That one had to soak pretty long, though, and even then took quite a bit of scrubbing.

Next we tried the baking soda, pouring a little baking soda on one side of the knife, used our fingertips with a few drops of water to gently mix the baking soda into a paste, and let that sit for about 2 minutes.

kitchen knives with baking soda, natural rust remover

With the scouring pad, we were able to remove all of the rust spots with only a minute or two of intense scrubbing.  Voila!  Again, our knives were shiny clean (this time with much less time and scrubbing involved!).

The lesson learned – both of these natural, non-toxic, chemical-free rust removal techniques were completely effective.  But the baking soda took us less time, both in soaking and scrubbing, which is perfect (since … hey, we were the ones who didn’t want to spend the time hand-washing the knives in the first place!).

Now the two stainless steel knives that were covered in rust spots are bright, shiny clean again, and we don’t have to be embarrassed to pull them out and use them.  Of course, we should probably consider hand-washing them from now on (avoiding the need for this whole process in the future).

clean kitchen knives, lemon juice, baking soda, natural rust remover

Keep your kitchen knives clean in a chemical-free, non-toxic fashion with lemon juice or baking soda as a natural rust remover.

Do you hand-wash your knives or occasionally run them through the dishwasher?  Do you have other rust removal or cleaning tips you’d like to share?  Please leave us a comment and let us know!


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February 17th, 2016

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