Easiest Kabobs on the Grill with Cave Tools Kabob Set (Product Review)

Easiest Kabobs on the Grill with Cave Tools Kabob Set (Product Review) 10 Rating(s)

We enjoy having kabobs (or kebabs) at our house.  The simplicity of well-seasoned vegetables and meat, or only vegetables if you prefer, grilled gently until just cooked through and ready to serve over a bed of wild rice.  Yum!

mushrooms, zucchini on cutting board with knife, kebab prep

But I have to admit the one thing I didn’t like about grilling kebabs was the difficulty of turning the skewers, trying to keep the ingredients from sticking to the grill and hoping other ingredients didn’t fall off or refuse to turn with everything else as I turned the skewers.  This often resulted in some ingredients being practically charred on the one side while other ingredients were barely cooked on that same side because they hadn’t all turned evenly.

Then along came the Cave Tools Kabob Set (thank you, Cave Tools, for sending us a set for this review).  The metal stand holds all of the skewers up off the grill grates, so they are easy to turn in quarter turns because of the slot holders on the stand, evenly cooking the ingredients all the way around without any sticking or tearing or losing ingredients to the bottomless pit below the grill grates.

cave tools kabob set, kebab set, skewers and rack, grilling

(Be sure to use potholders or tongs when turning the skewers, though, as the ends will be hot after being on the grill!)

The kabob set is so easy to use, ingredients sliding on and off smoothly (there’s a small ring on the skewer to easily push off the ingredients after cooking), and the whole set is dishwasher safe!  It came off the grill and out of the dishwasher looking as good as new (unlike my old kabob skewers that tend to look charred and don’t handle the dishwasher well).

cave tools kebab set, kabob set with chicken and vegetables

The set includes some wonderful features such as:

1. Small holes in the skewer tops so you could hang them up, if desired.

2. Slotted spots at the end of the skewer and in the stand that allow the skewers to be turned at quarter-intervals for even cooking.

3. The stand sets just high enough off the grill to keep food from sticking, but close enough to allow easy cooking.

4. Made of stainless steel – did I say that it was dishwasher safe?  I love not having to wash dishes by hand!

5. Access to downloadable Free Barbecue Recipe Book.

Cave Tools is offering our readers 15% off purchase of their Kabob Set with coupon code LHWJZQMZ on Amazon.

cave tools kabob set on gas grill, chicken kebabs

We used the kabob set to make this simple Chicken and Veggie Kabob Recipe:

1-1/2 pounds of chicken cut into pieces
1 bell pepper, cut into large sections
1 zucchini, sliced thickly
6-8 large mushrooms, halved or quartered
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil or coconut oil
salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning
Cooked rice, if desired, for serving with

1. Mix together balsamic vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, and seasonings in a small bowl.

2. Place cut up chicken pieces into a dish or resealable plastic bag and pour just enough of the vinegar / oil mixture to coat.  Shake until chicken is covered and place in fridge for an hour (or more).

3. Place cut up vegetables into a dish or resealable plastic bag with enough of the vinegar / oil mixture to coat evenly.  Place bag in fridge for an hour (or more).

4. Heat grill to medium-high heat and thread chicken and vegetables onto skewers, placing the skewers on the stand as each is finished.

5. Set kabob set stand with kabob skewers and ingredients onto heated grill and close lid; allow to cook for 3-4 minutes, then turn skewers and continue cooking and rotating until cooked through, approximately 12-15 minutes (depending on heat of grill and thickness of ingredients).

6. Serve skewers on plates over rice, or push all ingredients off skewers onto large platter or bowl for serving.  Sprinkle a dash of soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, or balsamic vinegar over all for extra flavor, if desired.

chicken kebabs on kabob skewers and stand with basting brush

chicken kebab ingredients on white serving platter

Do you enjoy making kabobs on the grill?  What are your favorite ingredients?  We love to hear how your family enjoys grilling; please leave us a comment below with your thoughts and suggestions.

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November 19th, 2015

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