All About Peshtemal Turkish Towels

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Peshtemal (pesh-te-mahl) is an authentic Turkish towel. During the 15th Century, one of these craftsmen decided to try weaving towels in the same manner that he wove rugs. Prior to this, all towels in the world were flat, woven, and had no loops.

Towel Innovation

This weaver thought that the same loops that were used in carpet weaving would make a better towel and in fact the addition of loops to the towel did make it absorb water much faster. Thus, the Turkish towel was born and became the world’s standard.

Benefits of Peshtemal

These remarkable towels takes up less space, are easy to carry, and therefore are used as an alternative to the traditional towels in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care. The peshtemal fabric is made of 100% organic cotton produced in manually operated looms in Turkey.

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Differences Between Peshtemal and Regular Towels

Now let’s have a look at all the differences between Turkish Peshtemal towel and Regular Terry towels:

•  Being big, bulky, and slow to dry makes regular terry towels terrible for travel. The last thing you want to do is have to pack up a wet towel into your luggage.

•  Because Peshtemal (Turkish Towels), are big and absorbent, you can even tie it into a beach bag. No need to pack an extra bag. You can tie a couple of knots and the towel is now a bag.

•  Peshtemal towels are very thin. Even though they are cotton, they dry very quickly.

•  The size of a peshtemal towel is comparable to regular towels, but because the material is so thin, they still pack up small.

•  Peshtemal is soft on your skin.

•  Classic Size of Peshtemal is 180cm x 80cm ( 71″ x 32″ inch). It is Handloomed, Organic Cotton, Eco-Friendly, Natural, Beautiful, and has a unique design with many color options.

•  You can use your peshtemal towels as a beach towel, bath towel, picnic blanket, throw rug, scarf, baby blanket, yoga mat, table cloth, and more!

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