10 Healthy Halloween Treats {Recipe Roundup}

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10 healthy halloween treats recipe roundup, healthy recipes

Presenting — on center stage — Healthy Halloween Treats!

Right?  Who would think it is possible to have a healthy Halloween mix of fun little treats for party goers of any size and age – what with all the bags of chocolate we’re passing in the store aisles these days?

Well, we are excited to present 10 Healthy Halloween treats for your upcoming school, neighborhood, church, or family party.  Of course, we didn’t skip ALL of the chocolate!

1. Let’s start off with these “Pumpkin” Deviled Eggs.  They are so easy to make with your favorite Deviled Eggs recipe.  Simply add a dash of red food coloring or enough paprika to give the filling a slight orange color.  Then use fork tines to carefully place “ridges” in the filling to resemble pumpkins, and add a sprig of green at the top for the pumpkin stem (using a small slice of green onion or green olive).  Voila!  Our first healthy Halloween treat.

pumpkin deviled eggs, healthy halloween recipes, vegetarian


2. Fruit and Veggie Face Platters —  These are super simple; just reference the photo for arranging various fruits and veggies on platters to create “faces” that look right back at you from the table.  If you prefer to make things scary, make the mouth shapes in squiggly v-patterns for a more grimacing look.  Either use deviled eggs with olives in the middle for the eyes or a small paper cup filled with olives or raisins.

fruit and veggie face platter, healthy halloween, party recipes, vegetarian


3. Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail — This next healthy Halloween treat from Family Fresh Meals is as easy as layering pineapple with small orange or tangerine sections in a see-through container, and then topping it with a dollop of whipped cream along with one or two candy corns.  These treats can even be made earlier in the day and refrigerated until you’re ready to serve (a nice option).

healthy halloween candy corn snack, party recipe, healthy snack


4. Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts — Dip fresh strawberries into white chocolate and then use mini chocolate chips to add eyes and a mouth to the “ghost” before the chocolate dries.  Alternatively, you could pipe some dark chocolate onto the white chocolate in the shape of eyes and mouth after the white chocolate has dried.  Either way, these come together quickly and will make your guests smile!

strawberry ghosts, chocolate strawberries, healthy halloween recipe, healthy snack


5. Sweet Roasted Pecans —    Sweet roasted pecans are made with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar (or substitute Splenda for healthier alternative) and roasted slowly for about an hour.  They are scrumptious and add a healthy crunch to your Halloween treat table.

sweet roasted pecans, healthy snack recipe, party recipe


6. Pretzel Spider Webs – Have you seen these before?  They are so cute and easy to make!  We enjoyed this version from Lemons and LetterPress.  On a large sheet of waxed paper, place pretzel sticks in web shapes as shown in the picture, and dollop a glob of melted white chocolate into the middle (large enough to make sure when it dries all the pretzels will stay connected).  Place a raisin or two into the middle of the glob of white chocolate as the “spider”.  Drizzle (or carefully lay down in a spiral) streams of white chocolate to form the “web” around the pretzels. Allow to dry and then carefully layer on waxed paper until ready to set out for serving. Consider making these a day or two ahead of time to simplify party day prep.

chocolate pretzel spider web, healthy halloween snacks, party recipe


7. Witch Brooms – Now this may be the simplest healthy Halloween treat in our list.  Cut string cheese sticks into halves or thirds, insert a pretzel into one end, and then carefully peel back the strings of cheese from the other end until you have a “broom” looking treat.

halloween with brooms from pretzels and string cheese, healthy halloween, healthy snacks


8. Pumpkin Energy Bite Pumpkins — Make healthy and delicious Pumpkin Energy Bites from Groovy Beets and then decorate them as pumpkin faces using mini chocolate chips or raisins along with an herb stem for the pumpkin stem.  Completely adorable and quite good for you!


halloween pumpkin energy bites, healthy halloween, healthy party recipe

Image courtesy of Girl Gone Raw


9. Fruit and Nut Crispy Treats (from Super Healthy Kids) —  Crispy treats are loaded with almonds, coconut, raisins, dried apricots and cashews, tossed in some melted white chocolate and shaped as desired.  Very few ingredients required here, and the only hard work is deciding how you want to shape the treats after mixing everything together.

fruit and nut crispy treats, healthy halloween snack, healthy kids recipe


10. Creepy Carrots with Dip — And for our last healthy Halloween treat, how about some creepy carrots with dip?  Use baby carrots or cut up large carrots into sections and attach a sliced almond with some cream cheese on the tip of each one to create the fingernail.  Leave them standing straight up in a small cup or dish with your favorite vegetable dip at the bottom.

creepy carrot fingers in creamy veggie dip, healthy halloween, healthy snack


You can find lots more healthy snack ideas at Nuts.Com.  Do you have some favorite healthy Halloween treats you enjoy?  We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions below.

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October 13th, 2015

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