10-Apr-2014 mcarradmin
3 Basic Recipes with Coconut Oil

  So it seems that recipes with coconut oil and cooking or baking with coconut oil is all the rage these days.  I have only recently started using unrefined* coconut oil in cooking, perhaps jumping on the bandwagon a little belatedly.  But so f...

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03-Apr-2014 mcarradmin
Spring Recipes Cooking with Fresh Asparagus

It's spring and time for refreshing recipes with fresh asparagus.  The world is slowly but surely turning green outside my window.  Perhaps the green outside makes you hungry for fresh spring vegetables like asparagus, artichokes, spring onions, and...

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13-Mar-2014 mcarradmin
Top 5 Helpful Kitchen Tools

When you hear the phrase, "Top 5 Helpful Kitchen Tools", what immediately pops into your mind?  Do you have particular tools you are always reaching for in the kitchen while cooking or prepping?  Well, these are our favorites, and we would love for y...

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20-Feb-2014 mcarradmin
5 Tips for Kitchen Spring Cleaning

  The sun is shining and everyone is hoping that spring is right around the corner - ready for blooming trees and plants, spring showers and breezes, and playing outdoors in the fresh, crisp air, right? (Above photo by Dane Deaner on Unsp...

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13-Feb-2014 mcarradmin
Valentine's Day Dinner and Dessert

    So you have decided to cook dinner at home this Valentine's Day.  Hooray for you! Save a little money and still enjoy a wonderful evening with that special someone.  Add a few lit candles, some enjoyable background music, (...

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30-Jan-2014 mcarradmin
Feeding Children in the U.S.

Did you know that in 2011 there were 16.5 million children living in households in the US where food was considered insecure?  That same year more than 6 million households received food from a food pantry at least once, and over 36 million children...

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