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Dish Dish launches a new online cookbook website DishDish.US is the newest site for gathering recipes into a personal online cookbook, leaving behind the drawer or cabinet full of recipe cards and stained printouts.  Dish Dish allows users to enter their own recipes and photos, share those recipes with friends or keep them private, robustly search their personal cookbook or all shared recipes on the site, easily multiply or shrink a recipe for groups, create shopping lists and menus, search an exhaustive substitutions list, and pull up recipes and shopping lists from any mobile device. This uncluttered and user-friendly site offers cooks the chance to add their own recipes, old or new, exactly the way they like to prepare them, complete with their own photos, and a section to add notes or comments.  Additionally, users can edit their recipes at any time and add other users’ recipes to their personal cookbook along with revising or personalizing them. Signing up and getting started with an online cookbook at DishDish.US is incredibly easy.  Simply go to the website to set up an account and start entering recipes right away.  Dish Dish is also looking for advertisers targeting those who are cooking at home, planning meals, and looking for ways to simplify their kitchens. About Dish Dish LLC Dish Dish LLC was formed in 2011 after owner Melanie Carr grew tired of the stacks of printed papers, torn-out pages, stained cards, bookmarked websites, and worn-out cookbook pages that made up her recipe collection.  It was difficult to find specific recipes or to remember where to locate the last great recipe she had tried.  And sharing those recipes was cumbersome, always requiring a hand-written card, typed page or email, or yet another printed page.  She explored various recipe and cookbook websites, concluding that none of them had the robust functionality she desired.  So Dish Dish was born; providing a place for home cooks to organize, access, and share their recipes easily. Contact Information: Dish Dish LLC 1221 Flower Mound Rd, Ste 320-173 Flower Mound, TX 75028 214-450-7612 www.dishdish.US  


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