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Vegan Chocolate Cake

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  1. 200 grams - Chocolate Dark or milk
  2. 120 grams - All purpose flour
  3. 100 grams - Spelt flour
  4. 30 grams - Wheat starch
  5. 500 grams - Vegetable based milk Almond, spelt, oat, soya, nuts, etc
  6. 16 grams - Baking soda
  7. 90 grams - Cane sugar


- put the oven on 200 degree
- melt the chocolate on the microwave or water-bath
- mix all the powder, in the bowl, then add the milk and the chocolate
- stir the mix and pour it in a baking pan precovered with baking paper
- cook in the oven for 45 minutes plus 10' minutes with the oven off.
- toothpick test and then you could taste it with a coffee!


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