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Strawberry Shortcake from Bonefish Grill

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  1. 1 pints - strawberries washed, hulled and cut into halves
  2. 4 - small short cake biscuits (purchased from the bakery section of your supermarket)
  3. - Bacardi strawberry mix
  4. - Crème Anglaise as needed
  5. - Whipped cream (as needed)
  6. - Mint sprigs, for decoration (optional)
  7. 1 cups - half and half
  8. 2 - egg yolks
  9. 1/4 cups - granulated sugar
  10. 2 teaspoons - vanilla extract


In a 1 qt stainless bowl, combine the strawberries and mix in 1/4 cup of Bacardi strawberries mix. 

Place 1 qt of water into a two quart pot and bring to a simmer. Place a stainless steel bowl on top of the simmering water, being careful of the rising steam. Pour half and half into stainless bowl and stirring frequently until the temperature reaches about 100 degrees. 

In a separate bowl mix egg yolks, sugar and vanilla.Whisking constantly, slowly add warm half and half to the egg mixture; then pour back into the stainless steel bowl (that is over simmering water). Stir constantly until the custard sauce becomes creamy and coats the back of a spoon (temperature should be approx. 170 degrees). Strain the mixture into a clean container with a lid. Allow to cool to 40 degrees before using.

Cut short cake biscuits in half and lay each bottom on a 6 inch round plate. Distribute the strawberries mixture evenly on top of each biscuit and place the other half of the biscuit on top. 

Drizzle 2 ounces of Crème Anglaise over the exposed strawberries and the remaining on the plate. Place 3 large heaping tablespoons of whipped cream on top of biscuit and garnish with a sprig of mint, if you like.


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