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Slow-cooked BBQ Chicken

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  1. 6 pounds - Chicken fryer (6-7 lbs)
  2. - Salt
  3. - Pepper
  4. - BBQ sauce


Wash the chicken. Sprinkle the chicken liberally inside and out with the salt, pepper and whatever additional seasonings you prefer. Cook either in a crockpot on low or in a Dutch oven at 200°F, for 5 hours.

Let the chicken cool. Remove the skin and bones. Take the liquid from the crockpot/Dutch oven and refrigerate so that the grease will separate from the juice. Discard the grease. Mix the juice with the BBQ sauce (1/3 juice to 2/3 BBQ sauce ratio). Pour this mixture over the chicken and refrigerate overnight. Heat and serve to your family or guests the next day with your choice of bread.


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