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Perini Ranch Green Chili Hominy

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  1. 3 cups - onion chopped and sauteed
  2. 4 cans - 45 oz. white hominy drained, reserve liquid
  3. 1 1/2 cups - liquid (from hominy)
  4. 3 tablespoons - juice from pickled jalapenos
  5. 1 1/2 pounds - grated cheddar cheese
  6. 3 cups - poblano peppers seeded and chopped
  7. 6 - pickled jalapenos seeded and chopped (optional)
  8. 30 slices - bacon fried and chopped


Saute the onions in a little of the bacon drippings and set aside.

Heat the hominy in a separate pan, stirring often. When heated thoroughly, add hominy liquid and jalapeno juice; bring heat back to high temperature and add 3/4 of the cheese. When the cheese melts, add half the peppers and bacon and all of the onion.

Pour into 9-x-13-inch baking pans (3 of them) and sprinkle with the remaining cheese, bacon and peppers. (At this point it can be refrigerated or even frozen, if you want to make it in advance).

Bake at 325 degrees F until cheese on top melts, about 15 minutes (or 40 minutes, if refrigerated).


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