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Oriental Tossed Salad

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    A wonderful do-ahead salad with nice crunchy textures added.

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  • Category:  Salads

  • Cuisine:  American

  • Prep Time:  20 min(s)

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    Make-Ahead Large groups

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    In vinaigrette, may use vegetable oil instead of safflower oil, balsamic vinegar instead of rice vinegar, or 4 teaspoons (12 packets) of Sweet'n'Low instead of sugar. May use green cabbage instead of napa cabbage and/or bok choy.

  • Posted By:  mcarr

  • Posted On:  Mar 13, 2012

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  1. 6 cups - napa cabbage and bok coy
  2. 4 whole - green onions
  3. 1/2 cups - mushrooms
  4. 5 - radishes
  5. 1/2 cups - safflower oil
  6. 1/2 cups - rice vinegar
  7. 2 tablespoons - soy sauce
  8. 3/4 cups - sugar
  9. 3 ounces - Ramen Noodles
  10. 4 tablespoons - butter or margarine
  11. 1/2 cups - sunflower seeds
  12. 1/2 cups - almonds


Chop cabbage, bok choy, onion, mushrooms and radishes and combine. Refrigerate, tightly covered. This can be done the day before using.
To prepare vinaigrette, combine oil, vinegar, soy sauce and sugar (or Sweet & Low) in small container that you can shake. (If using sugar, cook combined ingredients over medium heat, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves, and then cool). Set dressing aside. This can be done ahead of time and refrigerated.
To prepare crunchy mixture, crumble noodles into bite-size pieces and combine with sunflower seeds and almonds. Melt butter in jelly-roll pan in 350 degree oven; add seed, nuts and noodles, and toss to coat. Bake, stirring often, until lightly toasted, being careful not to over cook, as almonds will toast quickly. Cool. Seal in plastic bag until ready to use. This can be done several days ahead. Do not refrigerate crunchy mixture.
Just before serving, toss all ingredients in a large salad bowl.


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