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Mediterranean Salmon with Cauli-ous-Cous

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  1. 2 pieces - wild salmon skin on or off, as desired
  2. 1 tablespoons - cooking fat of your choice
  3. 1 heads - cauliflower
  4. 1 - red pepper chopped
  5. 4 cloves - garlic chopped
  6. 4 - shallots chopped
  7. 1 cups - parsley chopped
  8. 10 - olives (kalamata, green or black) sliced
  9. 1/2 cups - chicken stock or broth
  10. 1 tablespoons - cooking fat of your choice
  11. - pinch of fresh thyme
  12. - fresh ground pepper
  13. 1/2 cups - parsley chopped
  14. 1 - shallot chopped
  15. 1 packages - grape tomatoes chopped
  16. 2 tablespoons - capers
  17. - juice of 1/2 lemon
  18. 2 - artichoke hearts diced


First, prep the cauliflower. You want to grind the cauliflower to a "rice-like" consistency. Using a food processor is best. Simply put chunks of raw cauliflower into the food processor for a few seconds. If you don't have a food processor, you can use a cheese grater. Set aside.

Start on the Cauli-ous-Cous: In a large skillet or work, heat 1 tablespoon cooking fat. Add garlic and shallots and sauté for approximately 2 minutes. Add red pepper and sauté for another 1-2 minutes. Add the ground cauliflower and stir for 1 minute. Add the olives, parsley, thyme and chicken stock. Mix around and sauté for approximately 3 minutes. Add fresh ground pepper. Set aside or leave on low heat while you make the salmon.

For salmon: In a non-stick skillet, heat 1 tablespoon cooking fat to a medium-high heat. Once the cooking fat is heated, add the salmon, cooking both sides until desired texture is achieved. (You could also grill or bake the salmon, if preferred).

While the salmon is cooking, start on the topping: Simply combine all of the topping ingredients in a small bowl and mix. Serve the salmon and add the topping. Serve with a side of Cauli-ous-Cous. Enjoy!


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