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Jack's Chili

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  1. - dried pinto beans mixed with black beans
  2. 2 - yellow onions
  3. 3 1/2 pounds - to 4 pound roast
  4. 2 cans - crushed tomatoes
  5. 1 cans - small tomato sauce
  6. 3 tablespoons - chili powder or more or less to taste
  7. 1 tablespoons - black pepper more or less, to taste
  8. - garlic salt
  9. - dash of cumin
  10. - dash of sage


1. Wash pinto beans and put in crock pot.

2. Cover with water - at least twice the depth of the beans. Turn crock pot to LOW. Add 2 cans crushed tomatoes; 1 small can of tomato sauce.

3. Mix spices in water and add to chili. (Dad uses 3 tablespoons of chili powder, a tablespoon of black pepper and garlic salt, a dash of cumin and sage.)

4. Dice and add 2 onions. (Dried onion flakes can be used if you don't want to watch your kids pull onions out of the chili).

5. Six hours later, cut roast into small pieces, trim fat, brown in a small amount of oil, and add to chili.

6. Taste and add more chili powder and/or garlic salt.

7. Cook for a total of 8-12 hours.

8. Serve with chips (if you invited your father) and corn bread (if you invited your mother).


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