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Hallett's Bean Dip

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  1. 4 cups - dried pinto beans
  2. 6 cloves - garlic minced
  3. 3 - medium onions chopped
  4. 1 pounds - melted butter
  5. 1 pounds - grated cheddar cheese
  6. 1/4 pounds - grated New York sharp cheese
  7. 3 cups - green chilies (mashed)
  8. - salt
  9. - tostada chips for dipping, serving


Cook pinto beans, garlic and onion together in just enough water to cover, until beans are tender (approximately 2-3 hours).

Drain liquid and place beans in processor with grated cheeses. Process until smooth.

Stir in green chilies and salt.

Place in chafing dish and "dunk" with tostadas.


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