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Aunt Fanny's Yellow Square Casserole

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    I was given this recipe by Mom. I think she got it from a North Georgia cookbook…but double check with her. I know that it has been changed from the original so you might want to see if she has that one. Where ever it came from, it has ended up being one of this dishes that MUST be on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table! A side note, Aunt Fanny's Cabin restaurant was demolished in 2021

  • Main Ingredient

    Yellow Squash

  • Category:  Vegetables

  • Cuisine:  American

  • Prep Time:  30 min(s)

  • Cook Time:  45 min(s)

  • Recipe Type:  Public

  • Source:

    Aunt Fanny's Cabin Cookbook / posted by Helen

  • Tags:

    Vegetarian Thanksgiving

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  • Posted By:  GLLF

  • Posted On:  Mar 14, 2022

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Number of Servings:


  1. 3 pounds - Yellow Squash washed and cubed
  2. 1/2 cups - Yellow onion chopped
  3. 1/2 cups - Seasoned bread crumbs
  4. 1/4 cups - Butter melted
  5. 2 - Eggs
  6. 1 teaspoons - Salt
  7. 1/4 teaspoons - Black pepper
  8. 1 tablespoons - White sugar


Topping: ¼ cup butter, ½ cup bread crumbs

Cook squash in boiling water. Mash and mix with rest of ingredients and place in greased casserole. Top with ½ cup bread crumbs and ¼ cup melted butter.

Bake at 350 degrees F for approximately 30 to 40 minutes or until it bubbles and is browned on top.

(I always use Italian style breadcrumbs for the extra flavor)


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