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Asian Chicken Salad

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  1. 1 heads - Lettuce
  2. 1 cans - mandarin oranges drained
  3. 1/3 bags - mixed coleslaw cabbage I like the red cabbage, carrot, cabbage mixture you can buy in the bagged lettuce section
  4. 1/3 bulbs - red onion sliced
  5. 1/4 cups - slivered almonds
  6. 1 packages - ramen noodles dry
  7. 1/2 pounds - chicken breast
  8. 1 bottles - lawry's teriyaki marinade
  9. 1 bottles - Kraft Asian Sesame Dressing
  10. 1 heads - broccoli par broiled


Marinade chicken in Lawry's Teriyaki marinade. (I like to marinade it all day while I'm at work, it gives it great flavor.) Grill chicken breast, slice and set aside.

Break Ramen Noodles and mix with slivered almonds on a cookie sheet. Broil on High for 4-6min to brown.

Combine lettuce, cabbage mixture, mandarin oranges, broccoli & red onions in salad bowl. Add crunchy ramen/almond topping & grilled chicken slices. Toss in Asian Sesame Dressing.


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