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Laura's Famous Chicken

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  1. 10 - frozen boneless skinless chicken tenders
  2. 1 packages - frozen broccoli, carrots and water chestnuts
  3. 1 packages - frozen snow peas or baby corn optional
  4. 1 bottles - House of Tsang classic stir fry sauce (found with Oriental foods at grocery)
  5. - sea salt and pepper to taste


Heat frozen chicken tenders on plate in microwave until not frozen anymore (about 8-10 minutes). They come out looking kind of white, but that's okay.

Pour some water (just to cover the bottom) into a large skillet or frying pan and put on medium-high heat on the stove. Add the chicken tenders (with their juices) to the pan and cover to cook. If the water boils out before chicken is finished cooking, just add a little more water.

While chicken is cooking, heat frozen veggies in bowl in microwave until thawed (don't have to be hot, but not hard as a rock - otherwise they take too long to cook in the pan).

While veggies are in microwave, check if chicken is cooking; take a spatula and begin cutting tenders into pieces (about an inch long). These make perfect bite size pieces while at the same time giving confirmation they are cooked through (no Salmonella).

After the veggies are out of microwave, add them to the pan with chicken and cover until chicken is completely finished cooking. It is okay if veggies are not quite hot enough yet. After chicken is thoroughly cooked, add stir-fry sauce (as much as you want). Leave in pan for a few minutes more to soak up flavor and finish heating through.

Serve and enjoy!


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