09-Oct-2012 mcarradmin
Shopping List Feature

    We offer a terrific shopping list feature that allows you to add the ingredients from any recipe on Dish Dish to your grocery shopping list!  Then add other items to the list and arrange items on the list as needed. Once yo...

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17-Sep-2012 mcarradmin
Winners in our August Amazon gift card Giveaways

Congratulations to the winners in our Amazon gift card giveaways during the month of August.  We picked one winner each Friday from all registered Dish Dish users and gave away a $50 Amazon gift card.     Congratulations: 8/3 wi...

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17-Aug-2012 mcarradmin
Save and View your Cookbook as PDF

    Here at Dish Dish you can view your cookbook full of recipes as a PDF (complete with option to include pictures or not).  Now you can download your PDF cookbook with all your recipes and save it to your computer or device, so you...

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07-Aug-2012 dishdish
View your Friend's Cookbook

    Dish Dish is excited to announce you can now see any of your "friend's" cookbooks on Dish Dish and share recipes! Share Recipes and View a Friends Cookbook in just 3 clicks: 1. When logged in to Dish Dish, click...

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01-Aug-2012 mcarradmin
Facebook Login & Account Setup

We are so excited to announce that Dish Dish now offers login or account setup with your Facebook account.  Rather than creating another username and password (or using your existing Dish Dish username and password) when logging in, you can click on...

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04-Aug-2012 mcarradmin
Feeding Program Sponsorship

  Dish Dish is committed to supporting relief efforts and causes in our community and around the world.  In light of that commitment, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of Sower of Seeds International's feeding program, providing...

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