Wild and Wacky Days of Watermelon

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Wild and Wacky Watermelon Recipes and Tips - Dish Dish

We celebrated National Watermelon Day this week and are so excited to share some wild, wacky wonderful tips about dishing up watermelon!

How to Pick the Best Watermelon

Do you find yourself, like me, standing in front of a huge bin of watermelons with no earthly idea how to make sure the one you take home will be as fresh, juicy, and sweet as you like?

I mean, in one way, they all look the same, and in another … are the seemingly mis-shaped ones or ones with particular spots the best or worst of the lot?

Things to look for in order to get the best watermelon, include

1. Creamy yellow spot (not white) where the watermelon was lying on the ground (the creamy color means it’s good)

2. Lack of a stem (look for an “innie” where the stem used to be, which should signify the watermelon ripened and fell from the vine on its own rather than being picked)

3. More rounded (as opposed to elongated) watermelons have a sweeter taste

different shaped watermelons

How to Scoop or Cut a Watermelon

Have you ever tried to use a melon scoop and ended up with 1/2 or 3/4 balls (not completely round)?  Me, too!

Apparently, the trick is to press the melon scoop far enough into the flesh of the melon so that it’s completely “inside” the melon and not scooping off the edge, then twist the scoop around 180 degrees in a full circle before pulling back out.

Yay for beautifully rounded scoops of melon!  They look so inviting in a fruit salad bowl.

For a fun treat and activity with the kids, slice watermelon in large slice and use cookie cutters to cut into fun shapes before serving.

If you’re wanting to enjoy individual servings of watermelon, consider slicing the melon into sticks for easier and less messy eating (as opposed to a rounded “boat” of watermelon slice).

It’s super easy with a sharp knife, after cutting the melon in half, lay it flat on a cutting board, and slice it in one direction, followed by slicing it in the other direction for simple “sticks” of watermelon for serving.

Here’s a quick video to explain:


How to Dish Up and Serve a Watermelon

Now, if you’re looking for some unique twists and recipes for serving up your watermelon for family and friends, we have you covered.  Here are a few of our favorites ways to dish up refreshing watermelon during a hot summer (including appetizers, salads, beverages, and frozen treats!).

Watermelon in juice in jar by Unsplash

Photo by kyryll ushakov on Unsplash


Watermelon Feta Bites

Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles

 Watermelon Berry Lemonade Cooler

Watermelon, Spinach and Bacon Salad

Watermelon and Feta with Honey and Mint

Watermelon Ginger Granita (a nice frozen treat)


Do you have favorite family memories around watermelon dishes?  Maybe you and your cousins enjoyed peppering each other with watermelon seeds while enjoying the refreshing summer snack.

Do you buy seedless or seeded watermelons? Which are your favorite and why?

If you have fun watermelon memories or a favorite way to dish up this summer treat, please leave us a comment below and share with us; we love hearing your ideas and stories.


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August 5th, 2017

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