Household Uses for Eucalyptus


There are many household uses for eucalyptus, and we are glad to share a couple of easy ideas with you.  The oil from eucalyptus is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which makes it a great deodorizer.  It can help freshen up musty places that are often kept closed off like closets.  Its fragrance can help you breathe better by opening up your sinuses.

Eucalyptus oil can be used also; it only takes a little to enjoy the pure smell even more.

1. Freshen a musty closet by placing a few branches of eucalyptus in a closet or musty room; be sure to check it in a few weeks and replace with fresh branches when the scent starts to diminish.

2. Polish Furniture – Add 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil to 1 gallon of water and use as an antiseptic spray or as an all-natural replacement for Pine-Sol or Lysol.

3. Relieve Sinus Congestion from Colds and Allergies – run a few drops of eucalyptus oil through the diffuser in the room while you sleep.

4. Freshen the house – place a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your vacuum filter or bag and on your dryer filter to give everything a fresh, clean scent.

Enjoy this all-natural, safe way to deodorize rooms and clean the house, and leave us a comment below if you have other ideas to share.

(See how to make your own eucalyptus oil.)

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Special thanks to Health for a Purpose for the eucalyptus information.

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