Cooking Lobster at Home



Do you love to eat lobster when eating out, but not sure about cooking it at home?  Seem a little too complicated?  Here are the tips you need to know about how to cook lobster at home and enjoy! (Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash)

  1. Basic Supplies Needed: a very large pot with a lid, lobster crackers or a large pair of kitchen shears, and small forks or picks for removing the meat from the shell after cooking.
  2. Purchase about 1 pound of live lobster for each person you’re planning to serve; the lobster can be stored for up to 24 hours in the fridge (preferably at back of bottom shelf) if it is in a ventilated container.
  3. Fill the large pot 3/4 full with water and bring it to a boil.  (You may want to wear thick gloves for this next task).  With rubber bands still on the lobsters, grasp each lobster around the body and add to the water, putting claws in first.  The pot will probably hold about 4 one-pound lobsters.
  4. As soon as all lobsters are in pot, cover and immediately start timing – for 1-pound lobsters cook for 8 minutes; add 2 minutes on for each 1/4 pound for bigger lobsters.
  5. After removing lobsters from pot, place in a colander and drain thoroughly before placing on a serving plate.

Shelling a cooked lobster can be done simply with these steps:

  1. Hold the claw near the  body and twist tightly to remove from the body; do the same with the second claw.
  2. Use the lobster crackers or kitchen shears to cut through the claw shell, then use a small fork or pick to remove the meat.
  3. Remove the tail from the body by holding it tightly in one hand while the other hand grasps the body; then twist and gently pull it away from the body.
  4. Use kitchen shears or lobster crackers to cut through the underside of the tail shell and remove meat with a fork.

Serve with Lobster Dipping Sauce, or use the lobster meat in Lobster Mac and Cheese or Lobster Bisque.


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