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Homemade Vegetarian Chili

Category: Soups  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Dutch Oven, Vegan, Vegetarian

Vegetarian chili made with tomatoes, beans, onion, carrots, bell pepper, celery and seasonings.

Shepard’s Pie

Category: Beef  /  Cuisine: Irish  /  Tags: Large groups, Vegan

The Best Classic Shepherd’s Pie – AKA Shepards Pie or Cottage Pie. Ground Beef (or lamb) with vegetables in a...

Vegetable Bolognese

Category: Vegetarian  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Family, Gluten-Free, Heart-Healthy, Kid-Friendly, Large groups, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Fat, Make-Ahead, Vegan, Vegetarian

A hearty ” bolognese” for serving with pasta or as a vegetable ragout side dish. I learned this recipe in...

Vegan Beef and Broccoli

Category: Vegan  /  Cuisine: Asian  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

An easy vegan variation of the yummy Beef and Broccoli dish.

Norwegian Seed Bread

Category: Breads  /  Cuisine: Scandinavian  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan

High fiber and protein filled seed bread

Homemade Almond Milk

Category: Non-Alcoholic  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Family, Gluten-Free, Heart-Healthy, Make-Ahead, Vegan, Vegetarian

A delicious gluten free, dairy free beverage

Mama Cerella’s Vinaigrete Salad Dressing

Category: Salad dressing  /  Cuisine: French  /  Tags: Holidays, Kid-Friendly, Make-Ahead, Picnic, Thanksgiving, Vegan, Vegetarian

An easy-to-make and simple salad dressing that can also be used to make healthy side dishes. For example, we add...

Vegan Potato Sauerkraut Pancakes

Category: Vegetables  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Quick & Easy, Vegan

These vegan Potato Sauerkraut Pancakes are a fun, delicious, crunchy and healthy spin on potato latkes. The sauerkraut adds great...

Veggie Garden Vegan Sandwich

Category: Breads  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Vegan, Vegetarian

The vegan version of the vegetable sandwich is amazingly healthy. It is minus any dairy or animal products. There is...