Tag: "Quick & Easy"

Salmon Pate

Category: Cold Dips  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Make-Ahead, Party, Quick & Easy

Chopped salmon with cream cheese, cucumber, and seasonings; chilled in a mold and served with crackers.

Cheese Ball with Strawberry Preserves

Category: Cold Dips  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Make-Ahead, Party, Quick & Easy

Pecan filled cheese ball topped with strawberry preserves. Serve with crackers.

Guacamole Ole

Category: Appetizers  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: No-Cook, Party, Quick & Easy

Avocados mashed, mixed with green chilies, onion, picante sauce, and seasonings.


Category: Cold Dips  /  Cuisine: Mexican  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Make-Ahead, Party, Quick & Easy, Tailgating, Vegetarian

Avocados, onion, garlic, peppers and lime juice make a creamy dip.

Baklava Parfait Stacks

Category: Desserts  /  Cuisine: Greek  /  Tags: Quick & Easy, Vegetarian

Greek yogurt, shredded wheat, honey, pistachios, and cinnamon make for a sweet parfait that’s a perfect post-brunch treat.

Pappardelle with Mushrooms and Parmesan

Category: Pasta  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Quick & Easy, Vegetarian

Meatless main dish made with pappardelle noodles dished up with mushrooms, shaved parmesan, and a little fish sauce for savory...

One Pan Breakfast

Category: Breakfast  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Quick & Easy

Pancetta, mushrooms and leeks served with sunny-side-up eggs in skillet.

Spiked Caramel Sippers

Category: Alcoholic  /  Cuisine: Southern  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Hot, creamy caramel beverage topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Breakfast Pizza

Category: Breakfast  /  Cuisine: Southern  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Quick & Easy

Bacon, egg and cheese baked on a pizza crust for a fun delicious breakfast.

Chicken Jambalaya

Category: Poultry  /  Cuisine: Cajun  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Heart-Healthy, Quick & Easy

A quick and easy dinner that will delight your family.