Tag: "Quick & Easy"

Pineapple Coconut Mango Dip

Category: Cold Dips  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Party, Quick & Easy

Great party dip!

Apea Cake

Category: Breads  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Make-Ahead, Quick & Easy

A great bread for breakfast.

Mildred J’s Holiday Punch

Category: Beverages  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Holidays, Large groups, No-Cook, Party, Quick & Easy

A very tasty punch that is perfect for any holiday or gathering.

Cider/Cranberry Punch

Category: Beverages  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Family, Holidays, Party, Quick & Easy

A perfect drink for a get together or holiday.

Grilled Halibut

Category: Fish or seafood  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: BBQ & Grilling, Quick & Easy

Good to cook fresh fish

Garlic & Molasses Chicken

Category: Main Dish  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Main dish

Salmon Spirals

Category: Appetizers  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Party, Quick & Easy



Category: Cookies and Brownies  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Family, Holidays, Large groups, Party, Quick & Easy

A favorite cookie of lots of folks!

Pineapple-Cocunut Pie

Category: Pies  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Family, Holidays, Kid-Friendly, Quick & Easy

Easy and good!


Category: Alcoholic  /  Cuisine: Mexican  /  Tags: BBQ & Grilling, Holidays, Large groups, Make-Ahead, Quick & Easy

Summer drink