Tag: "No-Cook"

Italian Hoagie on a Stick

Category: Snacks  /  Cuisine: Italian  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Large groups, Make-Ahead, No-Cook, Party, Quick & Easy, Tailgating

Serve up hoagie flavor without the big bun and serve as appetizers or snacks at your next party.

Chocolate Dipped Caramel Apples

Category: Snacks  /  Cuisine: Australian  /  Tags: Kid-Friendly, Microwave, No-Cook

Apple slices covered with caramel and then dipped in chocolate for a fun, tasty treat or snack for parties or...

Fudge Babies (Paleo Fudge Balls)

Category: Desserts  /  Cuisine: Moroccan  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Family, Gluten-Free, Make-Ahead, No-Cook, Paleo, Sugar-free, Vegetarian

It’s like popping balls of pure chocolate bliss. They are rich and decadent that even a skyscraper sized chocolate craving...

Fruit Ice

Category: Beverages  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Kid-Friendly, Make-Ahead, No-Cook, Party

A frozen fruity dish for refreshment any time – make ahead to allow time for freezing .

Tortilla Appetizers

Category: Appetizers  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Make-Ahead, No-Cook, Party, Quick & Easy, Tailgating, Vegetarian

Tortillas spread with cream cheese and vegetable mixture make easy and quick appetizers.


Category: Soups  /  Cuisine: Spanish  /  Tags: Dairy-Free, Make-Ahead, No-Cook, Vegetarian

Cold smooth summer soup.

Bearnaise Sauce

Category: Sauces and marinades  /  Cuisine: French  /  Tags: BBQ & Grilling, Breakfast/Brunch, Make-Ahead, No-Cook, Quick & Easy

This quick and easy Bearnaise sauce is so versatile – serve over grilled steak, eggs benedict, fish, or drizzled over...

Dry Poultry Seasonings

Category: Sauces and marinades  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: BBQ & Grilling, Dairy-Free, Make-Ahead, No-Cook

Make your own poultry seasoning and enjoy!