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Now you can purchase a one year gift subscription for a foodie friend, loved one, new bride, or someone setting up their first kitchen!
Enter your email address, and we’ll send you a printable gift certificate to give to them that shares the fantastic features you’re gifting them as well as instructions to help them get started.

Only $19

One Year Pro Account Gift Membership


With a one year Pro Account gift subscription, the recipient will be able to enjoy these Dishin’ features:

1.  Use the Recipe Import Tool to import recipes from Facebook and websites.

2. Send in 20 recipes (take a pic or scan a page and email to us at or mail us hard copies) to be typed in for them.

3. Save multiple photos with each recipe.

4. Embed videos with each recipe.

5. Download decorative templates for printing menu cards or recipe cards.

6. Use the Menu Planner Tool

7. In addition to our regular features: unlimited recipe storage, shopping list tool, individual recipe printing options, option to keep recipes private OR public, re-sizable recipes (change # of servings to recalculate ingredients), and ability to download cookbook as PDF for extra backup or printing option, viewing shared friends’ cookbooks.


Help a friend declutter their kitchen drawer or cabinet, go green, and get recipes digitally organized online with this great gift subscription today!