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Store Item: Digital Recipe Album

Digital Recipe Album 10 Rating(s)




Starter Package  (50 recipes),
Drawer Package (100 recipes)
Closet Package (200 recipes)

Price: $50.00

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 How does it work?

1. We send you a postage paid envelope.

2. Fill it with your recipes and return to us (or let us know if you'd prefer to send your recipes electronically - as images, documents, or links).

3. Within 1-3 weeks your recipes will be returned
to you, along with access to your
Digital Recipe Album and
downloadable PDF of all your recipes.

4. Access your Digital Recipe Album online
(from your computer, tablet, or phone),
to add photos to your recipes,
edit them, create shopping lists,
share with friends & family
by email or social media any time, anywhere.

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