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Store Item: 4-Week Dinner Menu with Grocery List Download

4 Week Menu Plan and Grocery List


It’s finally here!

Your 4-week dinner menu plan (with one dessert recipe included for each week) plus printable grocery list with links to full recipes (easy to scale to number of servings needed).

Choose from Paleo, Keto, or Quick & Easy meal plans available at this time (more options coming soon).

Each meal will serve 4. If you’re serving fewer people, you can still make the entire recipe and use the leftovers for lunches or for another dinner later in the week.  If you’re serving more people, the recipes can be scaled to recalculate the amount of ingredients needed for your number of servings with just the click of a button.

Save time and money by knowing exactly what you need, having a dinner plan for each day of the week (no more stressing over “What’s for Dinner?” questions), and use the handy tips included for grocery pick-up or delivery services to help you save even more time and money (not wasting it at the grocery store or buying extra items that tempt you while there).

Since all the recipes are here on Dish Dish, you can save your favorite ones to your own cookbook account, so you can find them easily again, and plan your own weekly menu after you’ve used the downloaded plan for a month.

Start today creating a new habit of meal planning and enjoying healthy dinners around the family table while reducing the stress around meal time.

Price: $19.00