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  • - Broccoli
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    Broccoli is an exception to our practice of not peeling vegetables. The outer portion of the stalk is very tough and fibrous. It would take so much cooking to soften it, you would sacrifice more nutrients than the skin provides.

    Always use the outer leaves of the broccoli. They are gold mines of nutrients. If they don't fit in with the dish you are preparing, use them in soup or cut up in a salad.

    Broccoli is at its best when it has tightly closed buds that are deep green to purplish, with firm stalks bearing crisp leaves. Bypass broccoli that has many yellow stalks.

    Store broccoli tightly wrapped in the refrigerator crisper and use within one week.

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    Tips from Aunt Nella about how to use and store broccoli.

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    from Aunt Nella

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    November 30, 2017

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