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  • 1 bags - Kale chopped organic , Or 3 bushes cleaned and chopped
  • 1 pounds - Country Pork Ribs , Meat can be on or off the bone
  • 1 tablespoons - Coconut oil or olive oil
  • 2 cups - Chicken broth organic
  • 1 - Onion, Chopped
  • Directions:

    1. Heat 1 Tablespoon of oil in a large saucepan. Salt and pepper pork to taste. Brown pork on all sides in oil, then remove to a separate plate.
    2. Brown onion in pot.
    3. Add chicken stock and return pork to pot, cover and cook in a low simmer until pork is tender, approximately 30minutes.
    4. In a separate pot or pressure cooker, cook the kale. In a pressure cooker, add 1cup of water and cook 4minute. In a pot, cover the kale with water and cook approximately 20 minutes until tender.
    5. Add drained kale to meat pot.
    6. Season to taste.

    Brief Description

    This is a vegetable and meat dish which can be served as a main course or as a side dish.

    Main Ingredient:

    Pork and Kale

    Category:  Pork

    Cuisine:  American

    Prep Time: 30 min
    Cook Time: 30 min





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    September 20, 2013

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