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Method 1:
  • 1 - Vanilla bean
  • 1 pints - Vodka
  • Method 2:
  • 3 - Vanilla beans
  • 1 bottles - Dark rum
  • Method 3:
  • 1/2 cups - Vodka or white tequila
  • 2 - Vanilla beans
  • Directions:

    Method 1: Place one vanilla bean into a pint of vodka. Shake daily for 2 weeks. Strain if desired and bottle for storage.

    Method 2: Scrape the seeds from 3 vanilla beans and place them in a bottle of dark rum. Place the pods in the rum as well. Let sit for 3 weeks, shaking occasionally. Strain if desired, and bottle for storage.

    Method 3: Place 1/2 cup vodka or white tequila into small saucepan, and heat until it smokes but isn't boiling. Break 2 vanilla beans into pieces and place into bottle or jar. Pour the alcohol into the bottle and cover tightly. Let sit for a week, shaking frequently. Strain if desired, and bottle for storage.

    If straining, use a very fine strainer, coffee filter or paper towel to strain.

    Brief Description

    three methods for making your extract

    Main Ingredient:

    Vanilla beans

    Cuisine:  American


    To save money, you can grow your own vanilla orchids and collect the seed pods, or reuse the vanilla beans for another batch of extract.



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    June 5, 2020

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