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  • 1 cups - Flour
  • 2 teaspoons - Baking Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoons - salt
  • 3 tablespoons - sugar
  • 1 cups - milk
  • 3 tablespoons - melted butter (or canola oil)
  • 1 teaspoons - vanilla
  • 1 - egg
  • Directions:

    Put all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl
    Use a whisk to mix the dry ingredients
    In a separate mixing bowl beat the egg slightly
    Add the milk and stir together
    Add the vanilla and melted butter (or oil) to the milk mixture
    Pour the milk mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients.
    With the whisk mix the ingredients together just until combined (do not over mix, it is ok if it is a bit lumpy).
    Use a 1/4 cup measure to put batter onto a greased or nonstick griddle (about 400 degrees).
    You can get between 6 and 8 pancakes onto a standard griddle.
    Let the pancakes cook about 3-5 minutes
    flip the pancakes and cook for another 3-5 minutes.

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    Best pancakes

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    Category:  Quick Breads

    Cuisine:  American

    Prep Time: 10 min
    Cook Time: 10 min


    Rule #1: Mix the dry well, mix the wet well, do not overmix the dry with the wet.
    Rule#2: Melted Butter is better than oil, but oil is easier and probably healthier.
    Rule#3: As the pancakes cook, small bubbles will rise through the batter. When the pop and stay open, the pancakes are ready to flip. That is about 3-5 minutes. If you flip it and it is too light colored... you just have to live with it. They are never as good if you try to return to cook that side longer.
    Rule #4: The rule of berries and chips. If you want to add chocolate chips, after the pancakes are on the grill throw 5 chocolate chips on each pancake in a way that they are mostly buried.... 5 is the right number. If you want blueberries (or bananas or anything else) you should drain the berries and then mix them in very lightly just before putting the batter on the pan.

    This recipe makes enough pancakes for 2 people to have a feast, 3 people to be happy, or 4 people to have a side dish for their breakfast. The recipe easily scales up for bigger groups. One batch makes about 8 pancakes. For a group of 10 people you really will need four batches of pancakes.

    Always use real maple syrup and real whipped cream.

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    June 22, 2020

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