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  • 1/2 cups - kosher salt
  • 1/4 cups - white vinegar
  • 1 - whole frying chicken (about 4 pounds)
  • 1 - lemon, halved
  • 1 tablespoons - olive oil
  • 1/4 cups - Cavender's Greek seasoning mix from
  • 1 cans - 12 oz. beer
  • Directions:

    Tip: To make your own Greek seasoning blend, crush 3 tablespoons dried oregano into a small bowl; add 2 teaspoons each salt and pepper plus 1 teaspoon garlic powder and mix.

    Fill a sink or large bowl with cold water; add salt and vinegar. Soak chicken in brining solution for 30 minutes or more. Rinse chicken, pat dry. Rub chicken with one half of the lemon. Rub inside of chicken with other half of lemon. Coat chicken on all sides with olive oil. Rub chicken inside and out with seasoning mix.

    Prepare a grill for indirect cooking. Punch two holes in the top of the beer can, away from the opening. Pour off 1/4 of the beer (about 1/2 cup); add any remaining rub to the beer in the can. Slowly insert the can of beer into the chicken's cavity until chicken legs are even with the end of the can. Place the chicken on the grill, standing upright with the legs forming a tripod. Close lid; grill until juices run clear, about 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

    Carefully pick up chicken with tongs; transfer upright to a cutting board. Stick a long-handled spoon through the neck hole of the chicken; gently push beer can through without spilling, holding chicken with tongs. Allow chicken to rest 15 minutes before cutting into pieces.

    Brief Description

    Brined whole chicken grilled over a beer can with seasonings.

    Main Ingredient:


    Category:  Poultry

    Cuisine:  Southern

    Prep Time: 40 min
    Cook Time: 1 hour(s)


    Nutrition info per serving: 634 calories, 57% of calories from fat, 39 g fat, 10 g saturated fat, 201 mg cholesterol, 4 g carbohydrates, 64 g protein, 1837 mg sodium, 1 g fiber.


    The Tribune's John Kass

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    May 5, 2020

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