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  • 1 - apple
  • 1/3 cups - raisins
  • 1 teaspoons - cinnamon
  • Directions:

    Dice up the apple of your choosing (any type of apple works well in this). Place diced apple in microwave-safe bowl; stir in raisins and cinnamon. Heat in microwave for 2 minutes (or a little more if you want the apples softer). Stir and enjoy!

    Brief Description

    Heat this quick apple, raisin, cinnamon dish for an easy and healthy snack.

    Main Ingredient:


    Category:  Snacks

    Cuisine:  American

    Prep Time: 5 min
    Cook Time: 2 min


    One of my sons used this "recipe" to cook in a solar oven for a school project, and he liked it so much it stayed on as a microwavable snack or even breakfast sometimes.

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    September 17, 2013

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