Recipe Category: "Desserts"

Strawberry and Orange Fruit Bowls with Walnut Cream

Category: Desserts  /  Cuisine: Southern  /  Tags: Gluten-Free, Party, Quick & Easy, Vegetarian

Fresh fruit topped with a sweetened cream cheese and yogurt cream and walnuts.

Strawberry Balsamic Frozen Yogurt

Category: Desserts  /  Cuisine: American

Strawberries are a great way to get your dose of vitamin C. The balsamic vinegar adds a dash of originality...

Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Crepes

Category: Desserts  /  Cuisine: American

Tip: to keep your berries fresh, don’t wash them until you’re ready to use them, and trim after washing so...

Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Category: Cakes  /  Cuisine: American

This bite-size snacks are a great way to treat yourself to a little decadence and still get a healthy dose...

Cran-Apple Caramel Pie

Category: Pies  /  Cuisine: American

Precooking the apples means the filling won’t shrink as much during baking–this helps prevent a shrunken pie and collapsed or...

Chocolate-Berry Tart

Category: Pies  /  Cuisine: American

Chocolate crust, Greek yogurt filling, topped with raspberries & blackberries

Superfood Chocolate Bark

Category: Candy  /  Cuisine: American

Great for holiday gifts

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

Category: Cookies and Brownies  /  Cuisine: American

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.

Danish Heirloom Layer Cake

Category: Cakes  /  Cuisine: Dutch  /  Tags: Baby Shower, Holidays, Large groups, Make-Ahead, Party, Wedding reception

Light and moist layer cake with strawberries and whipping cream.

Danish Heirloom Layer Cake

Category: Cakes  /  Cuisine: American

You can Freeze the layers easily and have a picture perfect cake ready at the drop of a hat!