Recipe Category: "Breads"

Pumpkin Bread

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: ArrayBreakfast/Brunch, Family, Holidays, Kid-Friendly, Make-Ahead, Quick & Easy, Thanksgiving

Moist and full of flavor quick bread that will be your family’s favorite fall comfort food.

Date and Nut Bran Muffins

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American

Date and nut bran muffins.

Cranberry Muffins

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Cranberry muffins with orange juice and chopped walnuts or pecans.

Apple Oatmeal Muffins

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American  /  Tags: Breakfast/Brunch, Make-Ahead

Oats, cinnamon, pecans and finely diced apples make hearty muffins for breakfast or any time of day.

Cranberry Loaf

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American

Cranberry bread that goes well with brunch; freezes well.

Sourdough Starter

Category: Yeast breads  /  Cuisine: Italian

Starter for sourdough bread.

Focaccia Bread

Category: Breads  /  Cuisine: Italian

”This is one of the best focaccia bread recipes ever” Serves makes a standard 18×13 baking sheet pan | Prep...

Pizza Dough

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American

”My family makes pizza at least twice a month. We use this recipe” Serves 4 each 9 inch crusts or...

Ensaymada Cheese Bread

Category: Quick Breads  /  Cuisine: American

”The ensaymada is a pastry product from Mallorca, Balearic Islands Spain.” Serves 16 | Prep Time 45 minutes | Cook...

Pandesal Bread Rolls

Category: Breads  /  Cuisine: American

”These Filipino Bread Rolls are simply delicious” Serves 24 | Prep Time 3 hours | Cook Time 10 minutes WHY...