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old family recipes and traditions


Does your family (or extended family) have a huge collection of recipes that you would like to share easily online, but would like for them to be kept private (no public viewing allowed)? We have heard your requests and created your one stop for private family recipe sharing here at Dish Dish.

Do you have cultural recipes that you want to pass down to the next generation, preserving the heritage and family traditions in the process? This is a great way to do that and still easily share them to and from anywhere in the world at any time.

By setting up a Private Family Pro Account at Dish Dish, all of the recipes you enter into that account will be private – not visible to the public, but still available for you to share (privately, selectively) with friends or family that you invite to be friends with your cookbook account.

You’ll enjoy all of the same features here (shown below) that our regular Pro Account members get to enjoy, and you’ll have fun sharing recipes with your chosen family and friends, all without worrying about the public getting hold of Grandma’s perfect chocolate pie recipe.


Dish Dish online cookbook app, recipe organizer app, grocery shopping list, recipe box, recipe appEnjoy having your favorite recipes with you wherever you are – in the kitchen, at work, out shopping, or on the road; accessible with Dish Dish mobile or in the Dish Dish Online Cookbook app.




Declutter your kitchen recipe drawer by scanning recipes scanner with scattered recipe pages
and sending them to us (by email, fax, or mail)
to add to your online cookbook (we’ll enter the first 40 for you each year at no additional charge – and you’ll enjoy reduced rate of $.65 per recipe after that).



recipe uploads, upload photos to recipes, recipe book, recipe organizerAdd your own notes, photos, and edits to your digitized recipes any time (and know they will be synced across all your devices – computer, tablet, cell phone).



resize recipes, scalable recipes, scale recipes with one click, recipe book


Re-size recipes (to serve 1, 6, or 20)
with the click of a button
(on the website – not yet available in app).


Dish Dish online cookbook app, shopping list, mobile shopping list, organize recipes online, recipe organizer appSave recipe ingredients to your shopping list,
and always have your shopping list with you.





Dish Dish recipe importer, bookmark tool, import recipes, organize recipes, family cookbook, recipe appWish you could save recipes from websites, Pinterest, or Facebook without losing the links?  Use our Recipe Import Tool and import recipes directly into your online cookbook where they are saved and ready for you to edit, add your own photos, and access or share from anywhere.


share recipes with online recipe organizerView your friends’ cookbooks!  Invite your friends and family to join, send each other a friend request on Dish Dish, and you will be able to see each other’s cookbooks in your “Friends Cookbooks” list.



P.S. Recipes saved in your collection as public, with this membership level, are visible only to yourself and your friends; recipes saves as “private” will still only be visible to yourself, so that you have the option of maintaining some recipes completely private to the account holder.

Download your entire recipe collection as a PDF any time (so you’ll have a printable copy you can enjoy).
Or let us help you put all of them into a bound recipe book for your next family reunion.


Dish Dish is here for you – helping you privately
share family recipes
for only $29/year!


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
And we will never share or sell your information to anyone else.
After all, we don’t like to get spam either!

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