Planting Seeds Cookbook Fundraiser

Planting Seeds Cookbook Fundraiser

Welcome to the
Planting Seeds International
Digital Cookbook Fundraiser!

We are thrilled to present you with our digital cookbook, the very first collaborative fundraising effort involving Planting Seeds International – Canada, Planting Seeds International – USA and Plantando Semillas in Guatemala.  This is a treasured collection of family favourites and traditional recipes from all three circles of PSI supporters that we can’t wait to share with you!

Supporting the Collaborative Cookbook Fundraiser

By purchasing digital access to our online cookbook, you are supporting Planting Seeds International so we can support brighter futures for children, families and communities in Guatemala through high quality comprehensive education, teacher training, community and family programming, and collaboration to break down barriers that contribute to poverty.



How Does the Digital Cookbook Work?

When you click below to purchase your digital cookbook access for $20, you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions on how to set up your own free Dish Dish account and become a friend of our Planting Seeds International cookbook, so that you can search and view the recipe collection online any time from your computer, tablet, phone or mobile device.

**If purchasing as a gift for someone else, please keep the email you receive with instructions for accessing the cookbook, and forward that email to the gift recipient when you are ready to gift the cookbook to them, so they will be able to download and access this fabulous collection of recipes.

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Get your Online Cookbook Access Today!

Click the button below to get your digital cookbook access and support Planting Seeds International.

We are excited to share this fabulous collection of recipes for you and your family to enjoy, and we are grateful for you!



Thank you to Our Contributors

There are many contributors to thank for this beautiful presentation of delectable goodness.

From Shannon Moyle and some of the PSI programs mothers, to our US Friends Circle supporters, our Canadian Christmas Cookie bakers, Comfort Foodies and Guatemalan Plant-Based Cooking Class and our founders Richard and Susan Schmaltz.

We believe you will be truly pleased to have this global online cookbook at your fingertips or to buy as a gift for that special person in your life who truly relishes cooking!

Bon Appetit!                                 Enjoy your meal!                                 Buen provecho



P.S. Doing a digital cookbook instead of printing a cookbook, allowed us to save the money required to print, make copies, store and ship hard copies around the world, making it easier for us to raise more funds and for you to access the recipes from anywhere. We look forward to hearing what you think of this new option!