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Forgotten Cookies

Tags: Make-Ahead

White fluffy cookies with chocolate chips and nuts, left in oven overnight.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Nuts and Bolts

Tags: Holidays Large groups Make-Ahead Party

Baked snack mix made with Cheerios, pretzels, rice chex, pecans and seasoning.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Sweet Potato Casserole

Tags: Holidays Party Thanksgiving

Traditional sweet potato casserole baked with pecan and coconut topping.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Golden Corn Bread

Tags: Quick & Easy

Made from scratch yellow corn bread, with sugar optional.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Grandma Watkins’ Wedding Punch

Tags: Baby Shower Large groups Make-Ahead Party Quick & Easy Wedding reception

Jello, lemonade and pineapple juice are frozen; then served up with ginger ale added for a slushy citrus punch that’s...

Posted By: MCARR

Italian Christmas Cookies

Tags: Holidays Large groups Make-Ahead

Cookies made with real butter and ricotta cheese; frosted and covered in sprinkles.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Egg Souflet

Tags: Breakfast/Brunch Make-Ahead

Baked sausage and egg casserole with bread and cheese.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Ravioli Filling and Gravy

Made from scratch filling and gravy (sauce) for ravioli.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Carrot Casserole a la Woo

Mashed carrots baked with butter, cheese, onions, and cracker crumbs.

Posted By: KAREN0143

Best Ever Peach Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Categories: Easy Recipes Food and Cooking

      One of the things I love about summertime is the ability to easily get fresh blueberries and...