Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

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mothers day brunch ideas, breakfast recipes, mothers day, heart shaped egg in toastMother’s Day is almost here, and we have some amazing Mother’s Day brunch ideas to share with you.  Okay, dads, if you are wanting to do something special for mom and have the kids pitch in, preparing her a simple Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch is a great way to start off her special day.

So let’s dish up some Eggs in Toast for mom with a special heart cut-out to make her feel especially loved.  This is a super easy breakfast recipe for the kids to help out with.

Here’s all you will need:

1. Two eggs
2. Two slices of bread
3. A little butter or margarine
4. A heart-shaped cookie cutter
5. A skillet and spatula for cooking
6. A little salt and pepper

mothers day brunch ideas, heart shaped egg in toast, breakfast recipes, mothers day

First, let the kids help with the cookie cutter and cut one heart shape out of the center of each piece of bread.

Heat a little bit of butter in a non-stick skillet until melted; place one slice of bread (with heart shape cut out) and the heart shaped piece of bread into the skillet over medium-high heat until lightly browned on one side (about 3 minutes).

Let older kids help gently flip over the slice of bread and the heart shaped bread.  Then crack open one egg and pour it into the heart-shaped opening in the slice of bread.  Sprinkle egg with a little salt/pepper, as desired.

Allow to cook about 2-3 more minutes until other side of bread is lightly browned and egg is mostly cooked through; gently flip bread over to allow egg to finish cooking through. Remove to plate and keep warm.

Repeat with the other slice of bread and egg.  While the cooking is being done, the kids can get the serving tray and decorations ready to go.

Now, serve the heart shaped Egg in Toast to mom on a pretty plate and a serving tray with some fresh fruit, a candle or a small flower, a sweet card from the kids, and a pretty napkin.  (Or, as close to any or all of that as you can come.)

mothers day breakfast recipe, heart shaped egg in toast, breakfast in bed, egg, toast, grapes, candle

Whether serving it to her in bed or at the kitchen table, she will feel super special and loved to start out her Mother’s Day.  (But remember to have the kids help clean up the kitchen afterwards, too – right?  No need to stress mom out after starting her day with such a nice treat!)

If you’re looking for some other breakfast recipes, including healthy breakfast ideas, we have you covered:

Strawberry Banana French Toast – leave 30 minutes baking time; easy to mix up with the kids and toss in the oven (either in single servings or a casserole dish).


Muffin Tin Egg White Omelets – spinach, shredded potatoes, and cheese baked with egg whites in a muffin tin for easy making ahead the day before and reheating that morning.


Strawberry Breakfast Parfait – if Mom prefers a simpler breakfast, just some yogurt, fruit, and granola – this will be the perfect treat for her; and it’s super easy for the kids to help assemble.


Raspberry Almond Mini Muffins – whip these fruity muffins up with the kids the night before, then dust with sugar and serve warm in the morning.


Dairy-Free (Gluten-Free optional) Almond Apple Pancakes – a tasty treat that works even with dairy or gluten allergies.


Remember you can save all those favorite family recipes (from Grandma’s recipe box, magazine cut-outs, friends’ recipe cards) and keep those recipes organized online with your own online cookbook account here at Dish Dish.

What are your favorite dishes to enjoy for Mother’s Day?  Does your family have Mother’s Day traditions?  Leave us a comment below and let us hear about your favorite breakfast or brunch recipes and Mother’s Day traditions.

May 7th, 2015

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