• Wendy posted an update 9 years ago

    Just posted a new recipe we tried tonight for the first time – corn casserole. We are not big corn eaters, but were given a bunch of frozen corn so…
    It was very, very good. Everyone loved it and asked for seconds (except our 2 yr old who isn’t normally a picky eater, but he didn’t want it – he wanted more mashed potatoes. 🙂
    I doubled it (so as to use up the aforementioned frozen corn) and we have plenty for weekend leftovers! Oh, and our main dish was smoked turkey made by my sweet husband. Our other side dishes were mashed potatoes and green beans (with butter and brown sugar – as per all of my kids’ request so as to have them like Mimi makes them).
    Fall is a great time for this dish – so dish it up, dishdish fans! 🙂