How to Host a Fabulous Patio Party on a Tight Budget

How to Host a Fabulous Patio Party on a Tight Budget 3 Rating(s)

How to Host a Patio Party on a Budget | Dish Dish Recipe Box


Have you seen fabulous patio party photos on Pinterest and decorating sites and thought you could never pull off such a glamorous or elegant patio party with your tight budget – and so, really, why even try?  Well, today we are pleased to present these ideas for hosting a fabulous patio party even on a tight budget! (Photo above by Tanny Do on Unsplash)

The overall premise for our planning is to Keep it Simple – don’t overthink or overdo the food or decor.  This way you won’t be stressed! Think about what you already have on hand and put it to good use.

Of course, an inviting overall decor is paramount for an enjoyable event.  Staying with the theme of keeping things simple, pull out colorful tablecloths, scarves, throws, runners or extra fabric to brighten up serving areas, tables, carts and seating areas.

outdoor patio lit by various candlelight











Repurpose glass bottles, vases, and containers, fill them with flowers or candles and place them around randomly for simple yet elegant decor.

Additionally, for a little more playful lighting, pull out a string of white Christmas lights and string them across the patio area or fence for the evening. (No need to go buy fancy new ones just for the party).

outdoor seating area with string lights on fence

Keep the set-up simple, too, by making use of existing carts, tables, or benches for drink stations, utensils, and food platters.  (If serving adult beverages, be sure to have a separate area set up for the kid-friendly beverages).

Fancy containers such as these look pretty and might be available inexpensively at your local discount store.  But various types of pitchers will work just as well, whatever you might have on hand (so no stress here!).  Making your own refreshing beverages – tea, lemonade, infused water, etc. also helps keep costs well within the budget.

beverage station with flowers, drink station, party decor

Now for the real highlight of the party, the food, right?  Both in light of keeping things simple and sticking to our budget, set out fruit, vegetables and chips in the first part of the line, with more expensive food fare (such as meatballs, wraps, sliders, or wings) later in the line.

All that’s left now, since the planning is done, is to invite the guests (by Evite, of course – since it is free).  After all, the most important part of a party is enjoying friends and family!

Who will you invite?  What will you serve?  How much fun will you have?  We would love to hear about your endeavor, what worked well for you, and any tips you would like to share with others in the comments below.

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August 26th, 2015

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