Grocery Shopping with the Kids

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Is grocery shopping or menu planning one of those things you were taught as a child, or just kind of figured out for yourself as you got older?

If you have young children at home, it is easy to get started helping them learn these life and cooking skills, too. 

1. Plan a fun time to let each child pick out a meal they enjoy.

2. Choose a recipe.

3. Make a list of the needed ingredients.

Continue the process with a trip to the grocery store, helping the child notice things like which types of foods are grouped together in the store, what types of foods are usually found around the perimeter of the store, and how the aisles are labeled or marked.

Another great thing to teach the children at the check-out, is how to sort the groceries in the cart so they will be bagged with like things together, making it easier for bagging (if you have to bag it yourself) and for unloading and putting things away.

1. Keep the frozen / cold items together.

2. Stand all the boxes and cans together, being sure not to pack too many in one bag.

3. Place fresh fruits and vegetables together.

4. Load heavy items first – with lighter items like bread, eggs or chips loaded last so they don’t get smashed.

After the child has helped pick out the ingredients on the list and complete the purchase at the register, then it’s time to head home and dive into preparing a great dish!


For older children, the activity could include:

1. planning several meals for the week,

2. consulting that week’s grocery ads,

3. searching for coupons,

4. and perhaps even making a budget for the week’s meals. 

Have them be sure to check the cupboards for ingredients already on hand before making their shopping list for the week, and then see how best to maintain their budget given the meals planned.

Next, during the trip to the store, have the children keep a tally of what they’ve spent so far, compare quality and prices per ounce or unit, check nutritional values and more.

Involving the kids in this planning process will definitely help them be more willing participants in the kitchen and at meal time.

In addition, these life lessons of planning, organizing, budgeting and being good stewards of their time and money will serve them well for many years to come.



Try these easy recipes with the younger kids, and let the older ones help out with full meals in the coming weeks:

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Peanut Butter Balls

strawberry, lemonade, summer drinks, easy recipe, kids drinks, lemon,
Strawberry Lemonade Cooler

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Mini Cocktail Dogs

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think, what has worked for you, or other ideas you might have for encouraging our children.

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May 13th, 2013

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