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Looking for an edible, Thanksgiving center piece you can make for your tabletop this holiday season?

We are excited to show how to make your own Fruit Turkey Tabletop Decor.  The ingredients and steps are so easy, you will have your center piece turkey together in no time at all.  Seriously!


Step 1 – Gather all the Supplies

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First, you’ll need to gather your supplies – an easy and short list of items, most of which are probably already lying around your house or in the fridge.

1.  Toothpicks – for connecting the fruit pieces

2.  Wood skewers – for “building” the feather tails

3.  Cheese cubes – your choice of colors or flavors (I used sharp cheddar – and threw in some pepper jack as well)

4.  Red grapes – or green, if you prefer

5.  Apple – for the turkey body

6.  Red pepper – to cut into shapes for feet, wattle and crest

7.  Raisins – for the eyes

8.  Taro Root (found in produce section of store, or a similar shape and texture item) – for turkey face

If you want to build this on a larger scale, you could use a small watermelon or large cantaloupe for the body and a pear for the head.  I only chose the taro root for the head while wandering through the produce section because it seemed the best size and shape for what I was doing.


Step 2 – Start Building (Assemble the Body)

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Cut a few pieces of the red pepper into appropriately shaped pieces for the feet, wattle (below the beak) and crest (at top of head).  Use toothpicks to connect the taro root to the apple.  Connect the red pepper pieces for the feet to the apple also.


Step 3 – Add Face Features

fruit turkey with apple, taro, red pepper, cheese, and grapes, make your own fruit turkey, online recipe organizer

Break toothpick ends and use to attach raisins to the taro root for the eyes.  Attach the red pepper pieces for the wattle and crest to the top and bottom of taro root, respectively.  Then cut a small triangle of cheese for the beak and attach it to the face as well.


Step 4 – Assemble Tail Feathers

make your own fruit turkey, thanksgiving tabletop decor, edible turkey decoration, organize recipes online

Now cut your skewers to the desired size (if they are longer than you need) – remember that the longer skewer will add extra weight and cause the turkey to “fall” backwards. Thread the grapes and cheese cubes onto the skewers and press the skewers into the apple for a colorful turkey tail.

I also used a small bunch of grapes to “prop” my turkey up after finishing, as it did want to “lean” back too far with the skewers in place.  And you’re done!


We would love to hear your comments below and see your own turkey creations!  Feel free to post the pics and your comments on our Facebook page for everyone to see.

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November 13th, 2014

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