Favorite Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Favorite Easy Thanksgiving Recipes 2 Rating(s)



Thanksgiving — most often thought of as a traditional family holiday with large meals, gatherings of every relative imaginable – aunts, cousins, in-laws, siblings, uncles, grandparents, time for games, watching TV together – maybe a few old movies or home videos, catching up with people we may have not seen in months or even years, and relishing the atmosphere with gratitude and hope for many more years like this to come.

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But maybe if you are the one hosting Thanksgiving dinner or expected to bring a fantastic dish for that dinner or you’re opening up your home for large groups and activities, it seems a little bit daunting?

Perhaps considering all the details that need to be addressed ahead of time or trying to make sure nothing and no one is overlooked is a bit stressful.  This simple tip can help tremendously!

1. Make a list (starting now if you haven’t already) with what tasks need to be completed between now and then.

2. Break it down by which tasks can be done a week ahead or a few days ahead, then a couple of days ahead and the day before, etc.
(Breaking all the tasks down like this will help you feel in control of what’s happening and ready to take on specific tasks in a timely manner.)

Try these tried and true Thanksgiving recipes for your family this year.

And remember to note down Aunt Sue’s cornbread stuffing recipe or Grandma’s famous chocolate pie recipe so you can add it to your family cookbook with your free account here on Dish Dish and easily share with each other after all of the holiday excitement has died down.

Do you usually make a list or will you be trying that for the first time this year?  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts or ideas. 

November 19th, 2013

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