Eating Healing Foods

Looking for everyday foods to help with common illnesses or symptoms?  How about some of these simple foods to add to the routine and help with fighting things like cancer, cholesterol, and heart issues, and help improve immunity, hair and nail health, or eyesight.  Leave us a comment below about how you have incorporated some of these ingredients into your lifestyle.

kiwi, sliced kiwi, healing foods, healthy recipes, kiwi on plateLet’s start with kiwis which contain antioxidants that may be helpful in maintaining eye health and are also full of vitamins C and E.  Do you usually peel your kiwi before eating?  Me, too!  But the skin of the kiwi is completely edible, it turns out, and actually holds much of the fruit’s fiber and vitamin C.  Kiwis are great for snacking or tossing into a blender and adding to a smoothie.


sesame seeds, healthy foods, healing foods, toasted sesame seeds,Sesame seeds are a rich source of iron and according to recent studies helped lower LDL cholesterol levels by almost 10 percent for those who ate a few spoonfuls of the seeds each day.  While eating them by the spoonful doesn’t seem appetizing, try sprinkle some toasted seeds over oatmeal or steamed vegetables.  Or use tahini, a sesame seed butter, to make some hummus.

healthy foods, healing foods, beets, beet recipes, online cookbokBeets abound with nutrients that may help the sharpen the mind.  They also make nitric acid that helps increase the blood flow in the body.  The antioxidants in beets are absorbed by the body best when the vegetable is eaten raw; use some freshly grated beets to top off your next salad, adding nutrition, taste, and beautiful color!


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Here are a few recipe ideas with beets, kiwi, or sesame seeds.



April 10th, 2013

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