Easy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls 3 Rating(s)

How to Make Easy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

One of the fun things about getting together for special occasions and celebrating with family and friends is getting to prepare and enjoy different recipes and dishes than we might choose to make everyday.

I love that about this easy recipe for pepperoni pizza rolls — it is so versatile and great for just those sorts of occasions.

They make a great afternoon snack on a hectic day or one of those days when you know it will be late by the time the kids get to eat dinner because of evening activities.

Additionally, these rolls are handy for whipping up in a flash when a group is coming over for dinner or book study and you want some quick hearty finger food for everyone to enjoy.

They are a little bit on the heavy side for an appetizer, unless maybe you cut them into halves, so your guests won’t fill up before you’re ready to serve dinner.

Enough dilly-dallying –  let’s get started, and I’ll show you how easy these treats are to make; get the kids to help, too, for some family kitchen fun!

Crescent Triangles for Easy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Start with a can of crescent roll dough, and spread out the triangles on a lightly greased baking sheet, so they are ready for adding the other ingredients.

Plop a few slices of pepperoni (as many or few as you prefer) – but be careful not to overload it since you want to be able to roll them up well after filling.

Pepperoni, Sauce and Cheese on Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Spoon a dollop of sauce on top of the pepperoni slices; then sprinkle grated cheese over top of that.

Gently roll up the crescent rolls with filling inside from the filled end towards the narrow end of the triangle, and tuck the narrow end over the top to sort of “seal” the bundle.

Ready to Bake Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Now pop them in the oven to bake at 375 degrees F for about 8 to 12 minutes, depending on your oven, and how thick you filled the rolls.  You want them to be slightly browned on the outside, baked through the dough, and heated completely through for a nice cheesy pizza treat.

Meanwhile, heat up a small bowl of extra pizza sauce for dipping (and maybe garnish that off with a sprinkle of grated cheese and/or a leaf of basil).

If you’re planning to cut the rolls in half before serving, allow them to sit for 5 minutes or so after removing from the oven, so they will slice more easily.

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls with Pizza Dipping Sauce

Yum! Now you are ready to enjoy a nice warm treat with your kiddos or your guests.  This is a fun one to give a try over the weekend, too, for a simple Saturday lunch (with some fruit slices or carrots, of course).

This recipe would also do well with refrigerated pizza crust as the base instead of crescent roll dough; you would just cut the pizza crust dough into triangles or similar shapes before making the rolls.

(See the complete printable recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Rolls)

Do you have a favorite “pizza” treat that you like to serve for fun occasions, football parties, etc.? We look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback in the comments below. Don’t be a stranger!


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January 12th, 2018

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