Easy Fundraising Idea for Your School, Church or Community Group

Easy Fundraising Idea For Your Group


Easy Fundraising?

If you have raised a family or been part of a local community for any length of time, you have probably been involved in fundraising in one way or another – with school, church, or a local service or community group.

Quite often it seems that the fundraising effort is arduous, a burden to almost everyone involved, and difficult to administrate or costly to meet minimum requirements, as well as sometimes taking a long time for the group to actually receive the funds they’ve raised.

If your church, school, or group is looking for an easy fundraising idea, we are excited to announce two options for Dish Dish fundraising for your group! We want to help you make money.

Easy Fundraising Idea - Your Group Digital Cookbook

Your Group’s Digital Cookbook

Many church groups, civic groups, community and social clubs have raised money over the years by printing up a cookbook with a collection of members’ favorite recipes, and then selling the cookbooks as a fundraiser.

We would like to welcome you to the digital age and help you create a recipe collection online, easy to update, edit, and add to, with no printing, designing or inventory necessary!

If you have done a cookbook fundraiser before (or been voluntold to start one for your organization), you will be so glad to avoid the layout design process, pre-purchase requirements, lead time for printing, minimum inventory requirements, overages, and storage hassles with this simple fundraiser option.

Raise unlimited funds in 3 simple steps:

1. Your group purchases the fundraising package — below –(only $149 for up to 200 recipes), gathers the recipes and we enter them into your online collection.

2. Raise funds by selling access to this online collection (charge whatever price you choose – $10, $15, $20 – we only keep $2 per sale); we’ll set up your own web page for sales.

3. Digitally deliver to the buyers their instructions (we’ll provide the details for you to send) for accessing the recipe collection online (from any computer or mobile device).

Voila! The sky is the limit on how much money you can raise, with minimal up-front cost and a huge profit margin for your group on each sale.  The person you choose as the administrator of your recipe collection will have access to edit, add, or delete recipes at any time, as well as complete control over granting access to the online cookbook of recipes. Contact us (see below email) with any questions or to get started today!


Fundraising Idea for School, Church, Community Group

Product Sales Fundraising

If your group (limited to the Dallas / Fort Worth local area for now) would prefer to sell products, we will help you raise funds, giving your organization 50% of the sales of 3 of our best products. The great thing about these products is that just about everyone can use them – no worries about allergies, diets, size or color preferences, storage, etc., and they make wonderful gifts! We do not require any minimum purchases for your group – so you don’t have to worry about committing to more than you can chew, so to speak. We’re happy to come set up a table at your location, as well, donating 50% of the sales to your group.

Earn 50% with these product sales:

Our eco-friendly bamboo cutting board is a handy size for any kitchen, easy to clean, and makes a great cheese board, too – in case you don’t actually like to cook.

This adorable kitchen apron — “Gather Here with Grateful Hearts” — comes in black, durable smooth fabric (machine washable) with adjustable neck strap, 2 front pockets, and comfortable waist ties.

Lastly, we offer our Digital Recipe Album package for families who would love to put together a digital collection of their family’s favorite recipes to share, create menus and grocery lists, and have fun passing along to the next generation digitally.

We provide the detailed description flyer, order form, and a dedicated web page (if needed) for your customers to place their orders, and deliver the products and funds to you within 3 weeks of end of fundraiser.

With no minimums, this is a fantastic fundraising opportunity for your local Dallas / Fort Worth area group!

For questions or more details, please contact us at


Yes, my group would like to purchase the Online Cookbook Fundraising package and get started today!

Price: $149.00

August 14th, 2018

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