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Are you a part of a Dinner Club, Gourmet Club, or Supper Club?  Do you wish that you were part of a group of people who enjoyed cooking food and eating together?  Across the country there are dinner clubs and similar groups where friends gather in groups of 8-12, and every 4-6 weeks they plan a special meal together.  Maybe you would like to start a group in your neighborhood or community.  It is so easy!

Gather a group of friends who enjoy cooking and eating (try to gather people with a similar skill level so that you do not have novices intimidated by great chefs).  Then decide how you want your club to work.  For example, some groups use the time to try new things and experiment with new cuisines or ingredients, while others like to stick to basics that they all enjoy.  You might decide whether the group will have a different theme for each get-together (maybe pumpkin for fall or luau or BBQ for the onset of summer), and how formal or informal the occasions will be.

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Some groups have arrangements for each of the cooks to prepare food before coming (this makes the evening go by more quickly if the cooking doesn’t all have to be done at the location), but others enjoy the experience of preparing dishes on-site as a group.  Also decide whether alcoholic drinks will be part of the evenings, and if so, whether each person will contribute alcohol to the meals or if there will be a rotation of providers.

Choose how often the group will meet and set a regular schedule (perhaps the 3rd Saturday of each month).  Consider how many courses will be served at each event and how those courses will be divvied up and rotate between members.  And once you have all the details figured out, get dishing!  Then meet up about every six months to discuss how everyone likes the way the group is interacting and see if any changes need to be made.

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And … you can use Dish Dish as your tool for keeping all the shared recipes in an online cookbook, where each member of the group could access and share any time – a great resource for sharing recipes with your newfound friends and Dinner Club.

So, what are you waiting for?  Leave us a comment to let us know if you start a group (and cookbook) and how things go.  🙂

March 24th, 2013

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