Cuisine: "Southern"

Raspberry Torte

Category: Cakes  /  Cuisine: Southern

Layered cake with raspberry preserves and topped with fresh raspberries with mint leaves.

Zesty Pork Chops

Category: Pork  /  Cuisine: Southern

Browned pork chops simmered in a zesty sauce, topped with an apple slice, and served with pan sauce.

Sour Cream Potatoes

Category: Vegetables  /  Cuisine: Southern

Whipped potatoes with sour cream and cheese, baked to perfection. May be made several days in advance.

Potato Casserole

Category: Vegetables  /  Cuisine: Southern

Cheesy hashbrown casserole with optional topping of crushed cornflakes.

Creamed Pear Pie

Category: Pies  /  Cuisine: Southern  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Creamy crumb-topped pear pie.

Curried Ham or Chicken for a Crowd

Category: Main Dish  /  Cuisine: Southern

Cubed ham cooked with seasonings in a creamy curry sauce served over rice; garnished with almonds and parsley.

Country Club Casserole

Category: Poultry  /  Cuisine: Southern

Chicken and wild rice with peppers, celery, water chestnuts, and seasonings baked into a delicious casserole.

Shallot Vinaigrette

Category: Salad dressing  /  Cuisine: Southern  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Simple shallot and mustard vinaigrette.

Papaya Seed Salad Dressing

Category: Salad dressing  /  Cuisine: Southern  /  Tags: Quick & Easy

Papaya seeds blended in a light vinaigrette dressing for serving over fruit or greens.

Spinach Salad

Category: Salads  /  Cuisine: Southern

Spinach, bacon, onion, chopped egg and mushrooms topped with warm homemade spicy vinaigrette.